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Romagna delights

The Romagna zone is famous for his tasty and natural cuisine. Restaurants, trattorias and pizzerias offer many kind of food, for all tastes and prices. You'll find from a simple piadina, richly stuffed, to the Adriaic sea fish, to be served with the most perfumed wines.
Our «piadina» is characteristic of this place, almost a symbol, known everywhere.
The piadina in Romagna is not just a food: more than 1000 stands cook and serve it from Ravenna to Rimini, a real traditional custom. The pié, pjida, pieda or pji, in the various slangs, is a simple pasta disc, 25 cm large, made of flour, water, a bit of bicarbonate, salt, lard or a drop of milk, cooked on an iron plate.
As any traditional food, it will be different from stand to stand: in Ravenna, for example, is thicker and rich of lard, while in Cesenatico is thinner and lighter. It was already known in the Roman ancient times and it resembles the soft middle-east bread. Some think that it's spreading in the Romagna zone could be due to the unleavened bread tradition bye the Jewish community of Ferrara. Whatever its origin, the piadina is part of Romagna symbols and was celebrated by some famous writers like Marino Moretti and Giovanni Pascoli. The crescione is a piadina folded in two and filled. Every year in Cervia the eight best "piadina cooks" reunite and compete for the national title.

The piadina is perfect with cold cuts, but also with nut creme, pecorino cheese and truffle, green rocket and mushroom creme (in Milano Marittima there's a kiosk offering about 100 different styles). In restaurants is served hot, cut in slices and stuffed with herbs and Parma ham, but the classic style is with squacquarone, a soft cheese, or with potatoes, onions and tomato.

Adriatico's fish

The sea cuisine is related to the Adriatico Sea rich in sardines, anchovies, soles and on the rocky coastal stretches, mussels, clams and other shellfish.
This fish is grilled, with no much dressing because of its genuine taste. Otherwise it is possible to cook it with fillings made of grated bread, parsley, garlic and oil, especially used with mussels, squids and cuttlefishes. Of course you will find fried fish and soups, wih tomato and other vegetables.
“Occhio al marchio – La strada del pesce” is a trademark of Regione Emilia Romagna to promote the quality of the local fish.

More details and informations about the events and restaurants are available on the official website: . The IAT of Cesenatico (FC) also has info lines: +390547-673287 e +390547-673288 and mail:

Pasta and Meat

Maltagliati, tortellini, tagliatelle, maccheroni, strozzapreti... as in the rest of Italy, Romagna is a blaze of pasta of all styles.

Farmyard animals are cooked in the oven with lot of lemon juice and rosmary. Other famous kinds of meat are pork and beef, especially the romagnola race. As in the old tradition you will easily find tasty roasted meats with lots of vegetables and dressings.

Wines of Romagna

The extraordinary fertility of the soil and the favourable environmental conditions had an important role in the wine traditions of Romagna. The grape harvest was a significant moment of the year and a glass of wine would never be missing on the table.
Some of the most known are: More information on Emilia-Romagna cuisine at

Where to dine

Campings and beaches all have bars and little restaurants very good for families and young people searching for and easy relaxing holiday.
In the center of Pinarella, restaurants, trattorie, pizzerie and rotisseries are open for all tastes.
Many other restaurants and food places are available from north to south, some directly on the beach, to taste perfect dishes just a step from the seaside.